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Those happy faces seated at the table are Debbi and I signing books at a story time at Borders Books in Eastgate. That smiling face standing behind us is Kristie the event planner at Borders. We really miss that great store and Kristie.

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We do have a good time entertaining the children with our stories. Debbi's newest addition to the Good Grief, It's Winter readings is her talking "Mama Bear." Mama Bear scolds her cubs and encourages them to join her in the den as she realizes that winter is coming. Of course, in the story about how animals survive the winter months, we also learn about migration and about animals that store food for the winter. (no talking hummingbird puppets yet, but we're on the lookout.) 

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 Nancy is seen here reading the happy ending of Where's Pumpkin?

As she reads the final chapter, Debbi holds a larger version of the book with the illustration of Nancy's dog (yes, Pumpkin) being held for the first time by her new owner, author Nancy Orlando.

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 Nancy and Debbi reading "Good Grief, It's Winter" at Amelia Elem.

Nancy is reading A Garden! A Garden! at the dedication of the garden fence at Wilson Elementary. The kids there planted a garden, and the animals ate it. Their story seemed very similar to ours.

Here are just a few of the wonderful kids we spent the day with at Willowville Elem. during Right to Read Week. Thanks to Mrs. Clark for inviting us, and all the great teachers for sharing their kids.

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Here's Nancy in a sea of children from Brantner! I can't thank Mrs. Wallace enough for inviting us to her school.

Some of the serious artists at St. Helen School in Dayton. The third graders here received a grant to make their own books. What great writers and artists they are!

These are some of the fantastic 4th graders from Mrs. Laustens class at Summit Elementary. Thanks, Mrs. Lausten for the invitation...I loved teaching art again!

We were at Amelia Elem. on Hat Day. Too bad we didn't know, we would have joined in on the fun!